New York in May

My boyfriend and I went to New York last May (2017), and it was an incredible trip. I've been to New York before, but we did it differently this time. Last time, I just stuck to the touristy things (and don't get me wrong, we did some of that this time too!) But this time, we left the cliché sites a little bit. We went to a random little art collection that a wealthy family owned; saw some jazz in a dark basement bar; went to a freak show in Coney Island, just to name a few. My boyfriend had been to New York probably about 4 times prior to us going together, and he said it was different every time he went.

That's the beauty of New York: there is ALWAYS something different or new to do. It can be a different trip every time you go if you want it to. 

Coney Island
Exploring New York
Cony Island New York
Manhattan Portrait
Street Photography