Fish Creek Park - Sweet 16 Session

Fish Creek Session

Michelle asked me to do a photoshoot for her daughter's sweet 16 last November, and I wasn't sure what exactly to expect! We booked it for Fish Creek Park in Calgary, on a warmer winter day. Michelle told me her daughter, Ella, was a competitive skier, and that the winter weather and outdoorsy look would be perfect for her, which I was so excited to hear! 

When I arrived that sunny afternoon, I was even more excited when I got to see how outgoing and comfortable Ella and her two friends were! I knew that I wouldn't have any problem capturing their authentic personalities on camera :) On top of that, Ella's grandmother was there which was such a pleasant surprise! It was so lovely to capture Ella and her grandma on camera. 

And I was right, we started shooting, and Ella and her friends smiled and laughed as they told each other jokes, and basically just enjoyed themselves as if I wasn't there, which was so perfect! It was a lifestyle photographer's dream. One of the most inspiring aspects of this photoshoot for me, was seeing how much joy these kids had! They had no problem living in the moment and enjoying each other's company; something I feel a lot of us adults lack. I was so incredibly honoured to have been chosen to capture the photos for this special moment for Michelle, her daughter Ella, Ella's grandmother, and Ella's friends.